our mission

To stand as the community virtual commons fostering a dynamic ecosystem of creatives, business owners, and leaders all dedicated to strengthening the overall well-being of the community.

our vision

Through technology-driven collaboration, we unite and empower individuals and businesses. 

We innovate, pushing boundaries
and seeking
creative solutions.

We collaborate, sharing collective
ideas, efforts and hard work.

We elevate, providing effective
outcomes from informed decisions.

The Problem

Every single day people from all corners of our community contend with a myriad of challenges that disconnect our community. Despite conversations on how to tackle these obstacles; routinely we were led to the same conclusion – A significant number of silos and a disconnect from each other.

The Solution

In 2022, lnnovateTLH was founded as a nonprofit whose mission is to elevate ideas, bring the community together to tackle the challenges we continue to face, promote cross-sector collaboration, and drive growth and impact in the region. lnnovateTLH offers what we’ve never had before and long needed: a virtual commons providing one network to share ideas and events, tackle challenges, and break down silos.

our approach

When there’s a challenge to overcome, innovateTLH steps up and takes action. We are doers, not watchers. We are active participants, not bystanders. We don’t wait for others to fix things; we come up with a plan and get the job done. We give first and share ideas, intelligence, and influence. We don’t treat relationships like transactions. We aren’t just another initiative collecting dust on a shelf; we work hard with and for the Tallahassee community. We embrace our guiding principles – Innovate, Collaborate, Elevate – internally and externally.

get involved

Join Our Team

We currently have vacancies available for Board and Committee Chair positions. If you’re interested in taking on a leadership role and contributing to our organization’s mission, we encourage you to join our team.

Monthly Meetups

Our Monthly Meetups not only provide valuable opportunities for community engagement to network but gives us time to talk with you to better our mission. Join us and connect yourself to our thriving ecosystem.

Ask about the WorkGroup

Our workgroup meets monthly to empower businesses and owners with enhanced resources and community engagement. Join us to network, contribute, and thrive in Tallahassee’s vibrant business ecosystem!

Want to reimagine your organization and optimize services for your members and customers? Let us help.

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